Engineering careers

  • The world of engineering and how to get into it
    This guide will get you started by matching your passions and profile to an engineering specialism.
  • Think engineering is just about maths and science? Think again! Top recruiters in the field are looking for soft skills, as well as solid qualifications in the field you want to specialise in.
  • With the numbers of jobs in the sector set to grow substantially year-on-year, the engineering sector shows no signs of stopping in its tracks when it comes to recruitment. Boiled down to its very essence, engineering combines mathematics and scientific principles to provide effective solutions t...
  • I wanted to apply for this internship, because I knew I was interested in becoming a structural engineer.
  • Roles are available to graduates and students under the Business Partnerships scheme. The university helps place students in local businesses but also offers internal roles. There are no specific graduate schemes, per se, but a number of roles on a more junior level.
  • I studied Civil Engineering with Appropriate Technology at the University of Warwick. I graduated with an MEng in 2011.