Royal Air Force (RAF)

About Royal Air Force (RAF)

Join the Royal Air Force and you will get much more than just a job – you’ll have opportunities that no other employer can hope to match. From worldwide travels to lifelong friendships, life in the RAF is a unique experience.

The Royal Air Force performs a wide range of duties to serve and protect the UK and the world. We provide all personnel with a varied range of training and activities to make sure you're ready for anything.

As a graduate in the RAF you will receive world class Officer training and qualifications, lifting you above the crowd. From the start you will be given specialist training to be a leader. You will have serious responsibilities; manage a team as well as handling budgets and essential communications.

Bursaries are available for those at university who are looking for a full-time Medical or Engineering role in the RAF. Only the highest quality candidates will receive the bursary which can be used towards personal and educational development.


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