Intelligence Analyst

Royal Air Force
Various locations across UK
After training: £18,489 *
21 Nov 2017
30 Sep 2018
Role Type
Start Date
24 months+

Intelligence Analyst

The RAF relies heavily on defence intelligence to support operations in both peace and war time. Intelligence Analysts use state-of-the-art technologies to collect and interpret information. They provide vital intelligence to support military forces deployed around the world. 


Typical responsibilities:

  • Collect, collate and evaluate intelligence from multiple sources.
  • Monitor and analyse radio and electronic transmissions broadcast throughout the world.
  • Analyse and interpret aerial or satellite imagery using high tech systems. 
  • Disseminate tailored Intelligence to commanders, aircrew or troops on the ground.

Similar civilian roles include Researcher, IT Analyst, Business Analyst.    

The RAF Int An Apprenticeship Centre currently delivers a Higher
Apprenticeship in Intelligence Operations, comprising a Level
4 Diploma in Intelligence Operations and Level 4 Certificate
in the Knowledge of Defence Intelligence Operations.

This apprenticeship is offered to all Phase 2 airmen and women. The
Higher Apprenticeship in Intelligence Operations was launched
in September 2015 and is the highest level of Apprenticeship
Scheme available within any of HM Armed Forces. This scheme
offers Phase 2 trainees the chance to gain a civilian recognised
qualification based on evidence gathered during trade training
and then during their first posting.

Qualified assessors and verifiers work with the apprentices, assessing work and offering guidance and advice along the way, ensuring full support is given to them in order to achieve their Higher Apprenticeship in Intelligence
Operations. The skills that are essential to them throughout their
RAF careers are learned and developed, providing a confidence to
the learner allowing them to know they have the competence for
their chosen specialisation.


* Salary details: 

After Completion of Training £18,489 plus free medical care, free dental, subsidised accomodation and food