Five reasons to study a postgrad qualification

Written by: UCAS
Published on: 19 Sep 2020

Five reasons to study a postgrad qualification

The decision to study a postgraduate qualification can be a tough one. You have to consider time, costs, and whether you’re able to commit to and handle that next level of study. However, there are obvious and significant benefits to consider. We’ve put together our top five reasons to study a postgraduate qualification.

1.    Fast-track your career

If you’re keen to climb the career ladder, you may be able to fast-track your way to the top with a postgraduate qualification. Your studies will help you to gain the skills, specialist knowledge, and competencies companies want for those top-end jobs.

2.    Increase your earning potential

Having an undergraduate degree undoubtedly increases your earning potential compared to those without, but with so many people having one these days, it’s much more of a level playing field. A postgraduate qualification takes your knowledge to the next level, helping you stand out from the graduate crowd.

3.    Improve and enhance your CV

Whether you’ve just graduated from an undergraduate course, or you’ve been in work for a number of years, your CV may need a little love and attention. Studying at postgrad level not only gives you an extra qualification to add, but also helps enhance those areas of your CV such as experience, transferable skills, and achievements.

4.    Boost your transferable skills

Transferable skills – such as time management, problem solving, and teamwork – can so easily be overlooked and underestimated. A postgraduate qualification brings them to the fore and makes them stand out to employers, making you more employable in a wider range of disciplines. 

5.    Change your life!

Plans change, jobs become too familiar and repetitive, and sometimes you just need to shake things up a little bit. A postgraduate qualification can allow you to get that promotion you’ve been dreaming of, or completely change your career path to do something you’ve always been passionate about.

Coupled with your new earning potential, impressive CV, and expanding bank of transferable skills, you’ve got the chance to completely change your life – exactly the way you want it! 

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