Five top tips to get a job in the technology sector

Five top tips to get a job in the technology sector

What are ICT professionals looking for in their next hire? If you’re thinking about a role in the ICT sector, check out our list of five top tips to get yourself noticed in your job search.

1) A passion for the sector

Enthusiasm and motivation to learn is key to getting a role in this industry. You’ll need to keep up-to-date with technological advances and new trends, and use this knowledge in your work. Employers are looking for people who have a real interest in ICT and an appetite for a fast-moving industry.

2) Fast learners

As the ICT sector is in constant flux, with new tools and products on the market every year, it’s important ICT career seekers are able to learn about new platforms and new skills quickly. You might be working with one coding language on a particular website, only to have to learn another when you switch jobs. Similarly, if you’re building hardware and software, with cyber threats on the rise, you will need to build more resilient networks. Fast learners are in demand in this industry.

3) Analytical skills

A lot of work in the ICT sector involves numbers and figures, and the ability to interpret data accordingly. An analytical mind is really important, so as to help businesses improve their processes and frameworks. You’ll need to look at data and understand how particular patterns arise, and what this means for a business, platform and network. 

4) Organisation and planning skills

Whether you are working as a consultant, a freelancer or in-house, you will be required to work with a lot of different people, and you will need to be organised. The majority of projects require work from diverse teams, with conflicting deadlines and tasks to manage. Your planning, and ability to stay on top of work and projects, will be put to the test in this sector.

5) Adaptability and flexibility

Working on different projects and for different teams is the norm in the ICT sector. You’ll need to show that you are adaptable and can use your knowledge on a variety of projects. Flexibility will be a strength, too, as you may be asked to help on a series of other tasks, along with your current workload, at short notice.

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