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About UCAS

UCAS is at the heart of connecting people to higher education.

UCAS is the world’s leading shared admissions service for higher education. We provide application services for UK universities and colleges as well as delivering a wide range of research, consultancy and advisory services to schools, colleges, careers services, professional bodies and employers. Our services support young people making post-16 choices, as well as those applying for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

What we do- in more detail.

In 2019, our UCAS Undergraduate admissions service handled 2.79 million applications from 706,435 UK, EU, and international students. We’re proud to have helped 541,240 students secure a full-time place at one of 337 universities and colleges across the UK.

We also provide information, advice, and admissions services for UK conservatoires (UCAS Conservatoires), for Initial Teacher Training (UCAS Teacher Training),  and taught postgraduate courses (UCAS Postgraduate).

To help promote understanding of patterns in demand for higher education and admissions to university, we publish a growing volume of data and analysis, all of which is freely available to download and re-use from our Data and analysis pages. In our end of cycle data resources alone, there are over 4 million data points available to download in PDF and .csv format, covering applicants, provision, and providers. 

Whilst our core business is admissions to full-time undergraduate education, our Corporate Strategy for 2020-2025 describes an exciting agenda to:

  • inspire and empower people to make aspirational choices about higher education and learning
  • deliver trusted and flexible admissions services for the digital age
  • be the go-to place for higher education data-driven insights
  • connect the world to UK higher education
  • embed efficiency and value in everything we do
  • be an employer of choice where people flourish, perform, and achieve

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