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About Bank of England

The Bank of England has been at the heart of the UK’s economy for over 300 years - working to maintain monetary and financial stability for the good of the people. Our work ranges from setting interest rates and issuing banknotes to regulating the financial sector and devising economic policy. The decisions that we make touch the lives of every single person in the country, and they have for generations. If you want to see the impact we make, just look around you.

All of this means that we can offer careers, and an experience, like no other. You’ll play an important part in complex and high profile work that means a lot to the Bank and the world outside our walls. You’ll work with, and learn from, colleagues who are true experts in their field. And, as we continue to evolve to meet today’s economic challenges, you’ll find more and more opportunities to explore new areas in different parts of the Bank. Find something that fascinates you, and we’ll encourage and support you to go in that direction.

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