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Cyber Security Graduate

Scottish Power
32500.00 - 32500.00 GBP Annual + 2500
Closing date
29 Dec 2023

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Role Type
Graduate, Other work and training
Start Date

Graduate Programme Duration 2 Years

Applications Open Until 7th January

Start Date 16th September

Salary & Benefits - GBP32,500 plus GBP2,500 sign-on bonus, competitive pension and a competitive range of benefits

Minimum Criteria - Honours Degree at a minimum of 2:2 (or equivalent) in Cyber Security, Computer Forensics, Maths related degree or similar STEM-related degree.

Where you ll be working

As a Distribution and Transmission Network Operator, SP Energy Networks plays a vital role in ensuring the uninterrupted flow of electricity to homes and businesses across Central and Southern Scotland, North Wales, Merseyside, Cheshire, and North Shropshire. As one of only six Distribution Operators and four Transmission Operators in the UK, our actions are crucial in the decarbonisation of the network. As we embrace the transition to a more flexible energy network capable of adapting to changes in demand, generation and consumer behaviour, the upgrading of our network becomes paramount. Our digitalisation strategy serves as a catalyst for this transformation, as it enhances services, improves efficiency and fosters innovation.

In the realm of Cyber Security, our focus lies in monitoring and analysing the network infrastructure to identify potential cyber threats, vulnerabilities and breaches. Equipped with advanced tools and technologies, our dedicated team detects and responds to security incidents, evaluating the potential impact of each risk. To ensure a co-ordinated response to Cyber Security incidents, we collaborate closely with other teams within our organisation, such as IT and operations. This collaborative approach enables us to effectively mitigate the impact of cyber threats and safeguard the integrity of our energy network. By protecting our energy infrastructure from potential breaches, our dedicated teams contribute significantly to the stability and resilience of the energy system. Our commitment to Cyber Security aligns with the UK's Net Zero objectives, reinforcing our dedication to creating a sustainable and secure energy future for all.

You ll find more information about SP Energy Networks, including details of our current projects, on our website.

What you ll be doing

As a Cyber Security Graduate at SP Energy Networks, your role is crucial in ensuring the safety and security of all planned activities. Collaborating with various teams, such as Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Security Architecture, Cyber Security Operations, and Project Delivery, you will implement robust Cyber Security measures to protect the organisation's digital assets and infrastructure.

Working closely with the GRC team, you will identify and assess risks, implement controls, monitor compliance, and provide assurance to stakeholders that risks are effectively managed. In the Project Delivery area, you will apply project management principles to ensure successful project completion within defined constraints. Additionally, as part of the Security Architecture team, you will address potential security risks and vulnerabilities by selecting and implementing appropriate security controls.

Working alongside the Cyber Security Operations team, you will detect, respond to, and recover from, Cyber Security incidents, continuously improving the organisation's security posture. By contributing to achieving Net Zero emissions, you will play a role in developing strategies to minimise risk and maintain a secure and compliant environment for SP Energy Networks.

This is a fantastic opportunity to further develop your cyber security skills, with ongoing learning opportunities and training to help you achieve the career you want. Through this role, you will have the potential to develop yourself and others, build knowledge, and develop innovative industry thinking. You will be able to research new and specialist techniques, work across industries, and help shape SP Energy Networks Cyber LAB.

You ll benefit from a hybrid working approach, with your time split between home, the office, and sites, depending on the projects you re supporting.

In case you missed it, you'll find more information on our graduate program on our Graduates Page.

What you ll bring

At SP Energy Networks, we re committed to securing a sustainable network for our customers. And as a Cyber Security Graduate, you will play a crucial role in this endeavour. With your strong technical expertise and background in Cyber Security, Computer Forensics, or a mathematics-related degree, you will help us develop innovative solutions to secure our digital infrastructure. Your ability to think critically and solve problems under pressure will enable you to identify vulnerabilities and implement effective strategies to protect sensitive information and systems, contributing to the resilience of our critical infrastructure.

Furthermore, your excellent communication skills will facilitate collaboration with cross-functional teams, allowing you to effectively convey complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders. Your strong interpersonal skills, including empathy and active listening, will foster a positive and inclusive work environment, promoting effective teamwork and cooperation. With your dedication, adaptability, and continuous learning mindset, we believe you will be an invaluable asset in our mission to safeguard digital assets and pave the way towards a sustainable Net Zero future.

What s in it for you

Your journey will include a multitude of exciting opportunities and rewarding experiences that will shape your professional career in the Cyber Security field. From day one, you will have the chance to work alongside experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do. This collaborative environment fosters continuous learning and growth, providing you with the perfect platform to enhance your technical skills and broaden your knowledge. Your technical skill set in the Cyber Security domain, including a strong understanding of network protocols, operating systems, and computer architecture, will be invaluable in identifying and implementing sustainable practices within our operations. You will have the opportunity to use your expertise to contribute to the development of secure systems, protect against cyber threats, and ensure the integrity of our networks.

Whether it's participating in cutting-edge projects, conducting in-depth research, or analysing complex cyber threats, you will be exposed to diverse challenges that will push you to excel. The mentorship and guidance provided by our experienced professionals will not only accelerate your professional development but also enable you to build a strong network within the Cyber Security community.

Joining SP Energy Networks as a Cyber Security Graduate, your contributions will play a vital role in helping us achieve our Net Zero objectives and create a more sustainable future. By leveraging your technical skills and knowledge, you will help us identify and implement Cyber Security measures that will deliver a safe and secure network for our customers, communities, and stakeholders.

Inclusion at SP Energy Networks

At SP Energy Networks, we value diversity and inclusivity. We are committed to creating a workplace that welcomes and respects individuals from all backgrounds. We work hard to ensure our recruitment process is fair, transparent, and unbiased, providing equal opportunities for all candidates. It s our belief that diverse perspectives lead to innovation and better decision-making, so we foster a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued. Join us as we strive to create a more inclusive and equitable future.

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