Apprentice Business Support Administrator with the Financial Ombudsman

£19,201 per year
06 Jun 2019
02 Jul 2019
Start Date
18-24 months

As an apprentice business support administrator, you’ll be assisting your ombudsman leader and their investigation teams with project support and administration responsibilities. You will also provide support with general administrative duties, coordinating meeting and department events.

We’ll give you exposure to different work streams and projects so you gain experience of how to support your manager in different project initiatives. You’ll develop your relationship with colleagues in your department and across the service so that your team and project work streams are run more efficiently. You’ll also have access to learning resources to help you with your studies and personal development in line with the apprenticeship requirements.

You will also be responsible for:

  • producing agendas for meetings and making sure they get to the right people on time
  • Taking accurate minutes and actions from meetings and sending them to the relevant people for review
  • Putting together reports and presentations for various departmental or project meetings
  • Helping with project support activities or departmental initiatives as required
  • Managing your ombudsman leader’s busy schedule and helping them use their time effectively
  • Plan, organise and facilitate staff engagement events that involve arranging venue hire, food and beverage, recognition awards and IT facilities
  • Making IT requests and coordinating workplace adjustments within your department
  • Producing and updating operational documents such as structure charts, resourcing spreadsheets, desk plans and performance/quality records
  • Championing our security in the work place policies and supporting departmental initiatives to help manage data protection
  • Keeping positive relationships within your department, and working collaboratively with other administrators, personal assistants and coordinators across our Service
  • Using your judgement and discretion – keeping sensitive information confidential
  • Other general ad-hoc administrative duties

How your success will be measured:

  • you’ve built excellent working relationships with your ombudsman leader, your department and across our Service
  • you’ve played your part in helping your department achieve its key objectives
  • you’ve met your task deadlines and delivered an exceptional service to the people you support
  • the quality of your work has been to a high standard
  • you’ve received positive feedback from your ombudsman leader and colleagues
  • you’ve lived our values and role modelled the professional behaviours we expect of everyone every day
  • you’ve achieved the business administration Level 3 standard

Salary: £19,201 per annum

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