Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship - Software with Data Pathway

Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Plc
Abbey Road, Coventry, CV3 4LF
£20,000.00 annually
04 Oct 2019
01 Apr 2020
Role Type
Apprenticeship, Degree
Start Date
You'll contribute to the business in your assigned role, as well as undertake additional study in your own time, to achieve your academic award. A network of apprentice tutors and line managers will regularly review your progress and offer advice along the way, to support you performing at your best.

Level 6 Apprentices will be selected for one of the following routes:
  • Software Engineering, in our Engineering and IT teams
  • Software Engineering with Data Analysis, in our Engineering and Manufacturing teams
  • Data Analytics with a variety of functions across our enterprise
  • Network Engineering in our Engineering and IT teams

Where it will take you:

Join us on this apprenticeship programme and you'll be placed within one of the areas below:

Product engineering:

As the sophistication and automation of our vehicles continues to grow, our design and development teams in Electrical, Electronic and Software Engineering; and Powertrain Engineering increasingly require software and network engineering expertise to help create and maintain the millions of lines of code for our vehicles. Increased connectivity produces large amounts of data which can be used to continuously improve our products and provide new services to our customers to give them experiences they love for life.


As a growing global business continuously investing in our facilities, our IT teams ensure that our people have the infrastructure and tools required to do their jobs. Our software and network engineers support existing infrastructure and the deployment of new technical solutions. Our analysts use data from multiple sources to support day-to-day operations, drive improvements and help forecast our future requirements so that the optimal solutions can be deployed.

Embedded business technology across our enterprise:

In a world of ever greater connectivity, digital technology solutions play a role in virtually everything we do and experience. Our global teams across our business are increasingly using data from multiple sources to make critical decisions and drive outstanding performance.

Data analytics, the management and manipulation of relevant data is essential for us to continue to offer a world-class experience to our customers whilst remaining commercially viable. To take on this challenge you should enjoy problem solving, have good analytical proficiency and be comfortable manipulating and working with large amounts of data.

We'll continue to invest in our systems and deploy new architectures to get the most out of the data around us. Fast reporting, data visualisation and trend identification will enable the business to outperform the competition in all areas. Artificial Intelligence will play an increasingly important role in us maintaining relationships with our suppliers, customers and employees which are trusted and personalised.

Join us as a Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprentice and you'll start influencing our success in activities across our entire business helping us to deliver our extensive plans for further growth. You'll learn about cyber security, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, and the project management and life cycles required for them to be deployed in our business. Alongside this you will also start to gain accreditation for professional membership such as Incorporated Engineer (IEng).

Requirements and prospects

Desired skills

  • Build strong and positive working relationships
  • Problem solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Improving ways of working
  • Accountability for work and adapt to change effectively
  • Seek opportunities to practice and apply new skill

Personal qualities

  • Easy to do business with
  • Transparent
  • Makes the customer feel special
  • Dependable
  • Personalised - relates to providing personalised customer service dependent on the customers' needs

Desired qualifications

All Pathways:

Maths GCSE (or equivalent) Grade B/level 6 or above, English Language Grade C/level 5 or above plus a further three GCSEs(or equivalent) including a STEM subject at Grade C/level 5 or above or an ICT vocational qualification at level 3 of 90 credit value 540GLH or above.

Software with Data pathway: A Level maths Grade B or above plus one further A Level in a Science, Engineering or Technology subject Grade C or above.

Future prospects

Bachelor's Degree Digital Technology Solutions from the University of Warwick

Things to consider


Apply via a link within the job posting on our search and apply screen, following the instructions and remembering that we only accept one application. The first part of the application is your candidate profile, please complete this as fully as you can and if you are applying for a Design role make sure you attach your portfolio. Next you will be taken to a short application form - please answer all of the questions here.

Online tests:

If you have met the benchmark, for all roles except those in design, you will be invited to complete a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) online. This will be followed by Cognitive Ability tests if you pass the SJT. You have a limited time within which to complete the tests so please read all instructions carefully and plan time to complete them as early as possible.

Application review:

We'll look carefully at how you've performed so far (and your portfolio if you sent it) and select a shortlist of candidates to invite to our assessment centres. There may be several months between the online testing and assessment stages so don't worry if you haven't heard from us for a while, we will always let you know whether you will be progressing or not.

Assessment centre:

If you make the shortlist, the recruitment team will contact you to arrange for you to attend an assessment centre. This will involve attending with other candidates and taking part in a number of activities and interviews. We'll let you know by email what to expect on the day and what we need you to bring so please read all instructions carefully. We'll always let you know the outcome of your assessment but it may take us some time to review all candidates before we do.


If you are successful we'll make you a verbal offer and follow it up with a written one sent electronically. Your recruiter will be able to answer any questions you have while you make your decision. Your accepted offer will form your contract of employment so you should download or print a copy of all parts of it for your records.


Once you have accepted your offer, we will need you to provide us with all of the additional information we need and we ask that you do this as soon as possible once you are sent the instructions, so we can get everything ready for you to join us. If anything changes once you have completed this step please contact your recruiter as soon as you are able to let them know.

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