Senior Residential Youth Practitioner Apprenticeship

Inspirations Oadby Ltd
131a, London Road, Leicester, LE2 5DP
£400.00 per week
30 Oct 2020
01 Dec 2020
Role Type
Apprenticeship, Higher
Start Date
Responsibilities will include:
  • To provide leadership, guidance and management to Staff when required and promoteprofessionalism and standards to the team in line with policy and procedures
  • To act as a positive role model to any child within the organisation
  • Provide managerial control and direction in relation to Staff duties and responsibilities in managingyour allocated child's needs
  • To ensure resources are allocated appropriately and financial records are accurately maintained
  • Make decisions with an awareness of how actions are affected throughout the business and to the Young Person(s) and helps others understand the rationale and positive impact of change byclarifying context or reasons
  • To work alongside the Home's psychologist to bring into practice a Therapeutic approach in dealingwith any Child regardless of age
  • To ensure there is consistency in the level of care being provided to the children by the Residential Support Workers and Other Senior Practitioners
  • Question and challenge "business as usual" approach by comparing current practices against andexternal best practices

To identify and implement boundaries necessary to modify unacceptable behaviour:
  • To be alert to signs of distress of abuse and ensure that the Young Person are monitored,
  • supervised and protected
  • To ensure that children facing a particular crisis and stresses are offered appropriate additional support and to ensure Staff are supported in dealing with complex situations
  • To contribute to and implement care plans, risk assessments and action plans, participate in reviews and other meetings as required and ensure LAC documentation is up to date and changed when appropriate i.e. after a statutory review
  • Actively encourages positive Staff morale and supports the team to reflect on the ups and downs from shift to shift and recognise that there are positives to be recognised and how their behaviours affect Young Person(s)

Improving Outcomes for Young Persons:

Focused on ensuring the best results for the Young Persons in everything you do.
  • To create a Homely setting with which children can identify
  • To maintain high standards of childcare and to be flexible in adapting to meet the child's needs
  • Encourages the Young Person to develop links with the community, attend off-site activities and expand their personal social network
  • Ensure effective case file management is maintained as set out in agreed plans and follow up review recommendations
  • Ability to plan and organise own workload and help others do the same to achieve improved outcomes for Young Person(s)
  • Consistently reviews performance against Targets to assess gaps and amends plans accordingly to ensure Targets achieved
  • Holds others accountable to ensure tasks are delivered for the Young Person(s)
  • To ensure Young Person are attending full time education, and all other appointments and meetings as required including therapy sessions
  • To manage the key child's finances and contribute to the effective management of the Homes resources, keeping within the designated budgetary requirement ensuring you follow all administrative and financial procedures and record budget activities in line with financial procedure
  • To be responsible for the security of monies kept on the premises in line with procedures
  • To monitor expenditure and alert the registered manager as to potential over spends or misuse
  • To take shared responsibility and accountability for the administration of all medication prescribed for the Young Person

Building Capability:

Is a commitment to ensuring that the right people are engaged in supporting the delivery of the Young Persons' outcomes.
  • Provides consultation and informal advice and support to Staff in relation to day to day matters
  • Offers 1:1 supervision to Staff if requested by the manager
  • Contributes to team and Staff meetings to facilitate good communication and Staff development
  • Staff are able to effectively know when to seek advice or when to use their own initiative and take accountability for both
  • To assist the Support Workers in their role as a link worker to the Children/Young People when you are not available or on shift
  • Effectively can use available resources to delegate tasks to ensure delivered within deadlines
  • Has conviction behind assessments for the support needed for a Young Person(s) and influencing partners to achieve required results
  • To assist the Support Workers in their role as a link worker to the Children/Young People when you are not available or on shift


Is a means of connecting people or places. In business, it is a key function of management—an organization cannot operate without communication between levels, departments and employees.
  • To maintain good communication systems, to assist Staff with meetings, take responsibility for informing Staff of developments and updates, and distributing, messages when required
  • Ensures that each member of Staff is aware of each child's care plan and their responsibilities for its implementation
  • Chairing children's meetings and facilitating consultation with Young Person generally
  • Considers solutions as well as pros and cons of each, when communicating problems. Works with an ethos of every problem has a solution and takes ownership of this themselves.
  • Constructively challenges status quo, and team members (peers and/or those at higher levels) to consider changes that will deliver improved outcomes


Teamwork is a crucial part of the business, as it is often necessary for colleagues to work well together, trying their best in any circumstances.
  • To ensure any concerns, refusal to attend or feedback is reported to the house manager
  • Takes responsibility for planning shifts and ensuring their smooth running when on duty
  • To ensure compliance with all Staffing ratios required for individual Young Person
  • To lead shifts, ensuring appropriate handovers take place, and be responsible for the deployment of Staff on duty to ensure that the work required in the Home is undertaken
  • Ensures Staff work within the Homes policies, procedures and Ofsted Quality Standardrequirements
  • To be concerned for the welfare of the Staff, offering support at times of stress, praising work completed and giving feedback on performance
  • Carry out risk assessments and reviews of conflict resolution and debriefs at the end of each shift
  • To work with the Manager in the induction and mentoring of individual Staff, shift preparation and the team as a whole


Taking personal ownership to improve your own skills, knowledge and performance.
  • To partake in supervision and to take responsibility for personal development and progress of individual training needs
  • To maintain professional knowledge and skills through training, reading and other activities and be responsible for your own continuing professional development plan
  • Sets challenging but attainable Goals for self and others and clearly communicates performance expectations

Reflective Thinking:

Has a questioning attitude and considers new perspectives to continuously identify areas for change and improve?
  • Actively engaged and prepared for supervisions and uses these as an opportunity for self-development and process development
  • Able to share your views and experiences with others in the organisation to help progress both Young Person(s) and the company
  • Understands impact of behaviours on others and improves accordingly
  • Embraces complex or first-time problems as opportunities to learn and incorporate new skills into their development
  • Contributing and giving positivefeedback in handovers

Technical experience and Policy Adherence:
  • Works from the guidelines from the Children's Home regulations, 1989 Children's Act, Care Standards 2000 Standards and any other relevant legislation
  • Knows the 9 aspects of Quality Standards, ensuring Safeguarding is core in everything we do
  • Responsible for the accurate maintenance of financial records appropriate to the duties of the post
  • Responsible for the health, safety and welfare of self and colleagues in accordance with the organisational Health and Safety Policies
  • Receives training and maintaining up to date training profile appropriate to the role
  • Monitors the conduct of colleagues and referring any causes for concern (Whistleblowing)
  • Being familiar with all policies and procedures and adhering to them

Requirements and prospects

Desired skills

  • Strong communication skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Action oriented - gets things done
  • Teamworking
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Competent IT skills
  • Good planning and organisational skills
  • Domestic skills
  • Financial skills
  • Rota creation skills

At least 1 years' experience working with childrenand Young Person within a supervisory positionwithin a residential Children's Home.

Personal qualities

  • Self-motivated, ability to work on their owninitiative
  • Attention to detail
  • Can do attitude
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to commit to changing and demanding shift patterns

Desired qualifications

  • Driving License (desirable_
  • Clear Disclosure and Barring Service check.(Changes to personal circumstances, which mayaffect this, must be notified to your line managerimmediately.)
  • Level 3 in Residential childcare (or equivalent)

Future prospects

Potential to progress to a permeant position upon completion.

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