Operations Manager Apprentice

Inspirations Oadby Ltd
131a, London Road, Leicester, LE2 5DP
£50,000.00 - £60,000.00 annually
02 Nov 2020
01 Dec 2020
Role Type
Apprenticeship, Higher
Start Date
Financial and reporting:
  • To ensure that the Young Person(s)' Homes are compliant with all relevant legislation andregulations and to ensure that you remain up to date with changes in these
  • The external monitoring of practice within the Homes through your own supervision of theRegistered Manager, scrutiny of Regulation 44 and 45 reports and any other reports concerning theHome, including OFSTED inspections, compliance visits from Local Authorities
  • Ensure that the Home(s) for which you are responsible have 'continuous improvement' anddevelopment plans and to ensure that these plans are being followed
  • Ensure that Managers and Staff understand why Young Person(s) records must be maintained andthat those records are accurate and constitute a narrative of the time that the Young Person spendswithin your care. This will require you to further ensure that records are such, that they will alsoreflect the achievements that Young Person(s) have made, the things that they have done well andare such that they present a comprehensive record in different formats (written, video etc) of thepositive times that they have spent living within their residential Home
  • Monitor all Managers financial skills and expertise to ensure it operates on a sound financial basis. This includes the long-term financial viability of the organisation
  • Deliver and exceed Home Goals and Targets and proactively develop strategies to progress
  • Consistently review performance against Targets to assess gaps and amends plans accordingly toensure Targets achieved
  • Create a climate in which others feel included and thrive including both Staff and Young Person(s)
  • Able to make good decisions confidently and identify the Most Important Goals and Objectives tofocus on and deliver

 Strategic:
  • You will act on behalf of the organisation to ensure that all legal responsibilities associated with theopening, registration and operation of the Home(s) are effectively discharged
  • Concerns andallegations are handled and investigated fairly, as quickly as possible withoutcompromise and above all else in a manner that protects Young Person(s). It is your role to be alertto patterns and concerns and proactively ensure attention to safeguarding Young Person(s)'swelfare remains paramount
  • To lead on the organisation's applications to tendering and or framework processes as applied by
  • Local Authorities as part of their commissioning processes

Understands the company vision and mission and is pro-active in motivating and assessing Staff arefollowing:
  • Motivating
  • Positive
  • Attitude
  • Uses persuasion toinfluence the waypeople think or behaveindividually or in groups
  • Able to deliver innovative ideas and finds new and better ways to achieve outstanding outcomes
  • Keeps a positive attitude, identifies challenges and problems and sees these as learningopportunities
  • Able to deliver innovative ideas and finds new and better ways to achieve outstanding outcomes
  • Creative thinker, considers what the Team need, and comes up with a reward that fits eachemployee
  • Understands the different behaviours and styles within the Home and flexes approach to each to getthe best outcomes
  • Able to support Homes to overcome obstacles by maintaining composure and positive attitude onchallenging days
  • Uses their own initiative to solve problems as they occur, implementing required changes tostandard processes as part of continuous improvement
  • Actively encourages positive Staff morale and support the team to reflect on the ups and downsfrom shift to shift and recognise that there are positives to be recognised and how their behavioursaffect Young Person(s)

Improving Outcomes:
  • Home Management and evidence of recordings to show progress made by young peoplefor Young PersonsFocused on ensuringthe best results for theYoung Persons ineverything you do
  • Ensure Managers and Staff provide a Home where the Young Person(s):are safeguarded, learnand understand why certain restrictions may be put in place to ensure that they are safe and wellcared for by those looking after them; know that they are listened to, their opinions are valued andthat their feelings are respected; know that any concerns or complaints they may have willtransparently and fairly investigated (from the Young Person and Inspirations perspective), areclear on why they are living there and what plans are in place (and to which they have contributed) to ensure that their health, education and welfare needs are met and reviewed; and they also needto be assured that all Staff are clear about these matters too
  • Ensure that the Young Person(s) placed in the Home are receiving a standard of care that iscompliant with the Homes Statement of Purpose and Children's quality Standards
  • Visit Homes on a regular basis, to establish a meaningful relationship and extensive knowledge ofeach Young Person placed, their Care Plans and all other relevant documents
  • Ensure all Young Person(s) aspire to fulfil their potential; and all welfare needs are met
  • Understand the impact that the quality of care provided in the Home is having on the progress andexperiences of each Young Person and use this understanding to guide the Registered Managerwith development of the quality of care provided in the Home
  • Never gives up when dealing with challenging circumstances associated with a case to support aYoung Person(s), continually seeking different options to overcome obstacles
  • Analyses repeat situations with Young Person(s), all incidents and provides new insights orfeedback to improve the situation
  • Takes the time to actively learn about the stated needs of the Young Person(s) by askingquestions, getting various perspectives, and exploring how to add value
  • Plays an active part in shaping the future of Young Person(s) by motivating & encouraging themtowards own self development

Staff Management to Deliver Outcomes:
  • Attend regularly both Young Person(s) meetings and Staff meetings
  • To work with the Home to ensure appropriate Young Person(s) are placed, and impact riskassessments completed
  • Review Staff retention across the Homes and develop proactive initiatives to manage Staff retentionand ensures Staff are delivering Young Person(s) progress and outcomes
  • Enables Staff and colleagues within the Homes to perform at their best and maintain the Home, bysetting direction, providing structure, and providing needed information, as well as leads byexample
  • Encourages the Staff within the Homes to work on their own initiative to create and implement newideas and systems to improve service to Young Person(s) and Staff
  • Holds others accountable to ensure tasks are delivered for the Young Person(s)
  • Identifies creative ways to maintain and improve mental health and wellbeing within the Home toenable a better environment for achieving outcomes for the Young Person(s)

Building Capability:
  • Is a commitment toensuring that the rightpeople are engaged insupporting the deliveryof the Young Persons'outcomes

Right team, right skills:
  • You should ensure evidence is in place that those employed have sufficient training, experience andskills to undertake the role. You must ensure that you and all Staff undertake continual professionaldevelopment to keep abreast of new legislation and practice. You will need to consider along withthe RM, the specific training needs that Staff require to meet the needs of Young Person(s) placedand evaluate the extent to which it has the desired impact on practice
  • To have in place supervisory and monitoring system in order to be satisfied that all of theexpectations placed on the OM role are met
  • Working with RMs to ensure appropriate matching and admissions to the Home are taking place
  • Support the recruitment and retention of Staff within the Homes as needed
  • Ensure all new Staff within the Homes receive a proper induction in line with company policy
  • Ensure all Staff within the Homes have a supervision contract and receives supervision in line withcompany policy
  • Ensure Staff in the Homes have a personal development plan through the Staff AppraisalProgramme

Team development:
  • Direct line management including supervision, support and holding to account of the RegisteredManager(s)
  • Indirect line management of all other Staff members within the Home in the absence of the RM
  • To ensure there is effective support and challenge across all members of Staff within the Homes
  • Ensure all processes of the Home enable the right environment for good practice to thrive
  • Supervisions of the Registered Manager of each Home and particularly to ensure that the Homeoperates in a manner which protects and promotes Young Person(s) and their safety and welfare
  • Implement the performance management system; ensuring that performance data is systematicallyanalysed to identify training needs and inform wider workforce planning. Working with colleagues toconsider the impact of employment practices and performance on the business
  • To build the effectiveness and capability of Managers and Staff and develop operationaleffectiveness and high performance
  • Address issues in relation to conduct and competence of Staff

  • Is a means ofconnecting people orplaces. In business, it isa key function ofmanagement--anorganisation cannotoperate withoutcommunication betweenlevels, departments andemployees
  • Develops outstanding relationships with all professionals involved with the Home
  • Takes responsibility for outcomes regardless of success and learns from all results
  • Challenges others at all levels to ensure integrity this includes knowing and ensuring all Staff arefollowing policies and procedures, to the required standards at all times
  • Embraces positive communication style and actively deters others from negative communicationstyles, even in tough situations
  • Clearly communicates expectations and the reasons for them, and can get the entire team on boardand moving in the same direction
  • Able to communicate complex thoughts, ideas, actions or emotions, that helps individualsunderstand the needs or requirements of the Company
  • Communicates to show respect, value and appreciation at all times

  • Teamwork is a crucialpart of the business, asit is often necessary forcolleagues to work welltogether, trying theirbest in anycircumstances
  • Seeks opportunities to learn about other cultures and perspectives and is consistently creating aculture of diversity, so all members of the team consider feel valued and included
  • Approachable, reliable and leverages the strengths to get the best out of the Team
  • Develop a management style which balances the need to exercise control and give direction withthe need to offer Staff the opportunity to contribute to decision making
  • Creates a no blame culture to promote an accountability and ownership-based environment
  • Able to give and receive constructive feedback on performance and behaviour

Self Development:
  • Taking personalownership to improveyour own skills,knowledge andperformance
  • As part of your own CPD, you will attend and deliver some Staff training, or other, events to helpyou maintain knowledge of and evaluate the training being offered to the Staff team, or others
  • Able to set goals and clear objectives. Identifies and make note of want you and your Team need toachieve, then uses this a benchmark and measure of success, using SMART targets
  • Continually raises the bar for individual and team performance by reinforcing the setting andachievement of long-term Goals
  • Ensures that self and team have disciplined execution by encouraging a climate of continuousimprovement, where people are expected to take steps to operate in ways that improve the deliveryof current services
  • Actively encourages others to take accountability and ownership of their self-development
  • Demonstrates not only the skills but the behaviours for promotion to the next level of managementon a consistent basis
  • Challenges negative behaviours towards self-development to promote a healthy progressiveculture
  • Continually examines own behaviours and perspectives to ensure they are aligned to businessdevelopment plan

Reflective Thinking:
  • Has a questioningattitude and considersnew perspectives tocontinuously identifyareas for change andimprove
  • Thinks and develops 'out of the box'concepts to improve systems and processes to positivelyimpact overall outcomes for the Young Person(s)
  • Offers opportunities to explore, experiment, make decisions and choices in a developmental way
  • Actively makes recommendations based on independent observations of needs, problems, oropportunities
  • Has a passion for excellence and positive "can do" approach in response to challenges or setbacks
  • Actively promotes a reflective practice culture throughout the organisation
  • Constructively challenges and encourages other Staff within the Home to consider their ownbehaviours to improve outcomes
  • Constructively challenges and ensures procedures are in place to help Young Person(s) within theHome to consider their own behaviours to improve outcomes
  • Learns from experience and changes and adapts styles based on immediate needs

Technical experienceand Policy Adherence:
  • Works from the guidelines from the Children's Home regulations, 1989 Children's Act, CareStandards 2000 Standards and any other relevant legislation
  • Knows the 9 aspects of Quality Standards, ensuring Safeguarding is core in everything we do
  • Responsible for the accurate maintenance of financial records appropriate to the duties of the post
  • Responsible for the health, safety and welfare of self and colleagues in accordance with theorganisational Health and Safety Policies
  • Receives training and maintaining up to date training profile appropriate to the role
  • Monitors the conduct of colleagues and referring any causes for concern (Whistleblowing)
  • Being familiar with all policies and procedures and all homes are adhering to them
  • To have in place key performance indicators to evidence monitoring and progress of all homesundertaken

Note: Due to the nature of the business additional duties may be assigned. For example,
To undertake such other duties appropriate to the grade of the post and the needs of the Home. To ensure rota cover maintained torequired standards at all times to ensure safeguarding for young people.

Requirements and prospects

Desired skills

  • Strong communication
  • Strong financial skills
  • Strong leadership and team management skills
  • Ability to carry out in-depth Quality assurancechecks of residential homes
  • Influencing skills
  • Action oriented -gets things done
  • Teamworking
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Strong IT skills
  • Can do attitude
  • Ability to work under pressure

Personal qualities

  • Managing care planning practice in YoungPerson(s)'s Homes; identifying, assessing,
  • planning, delivering, monitoring and evaluatingoutcomes
  • Core Young Person(s)'s Homes practice:managing child protection and safeguarding,
  • supporting resilience, managing risk, maximisingcare and welfare, health and safety issues, etc.
  • Understanding of the leadership role in RCCmanagement (Situational and Transformativedynamics)
  • Knowledge of Looked After Children and YoungPerson(s)'s residential services.
  • Ability to relate to Young People

Desired qualifications

  • Driving License would be beneficial
  • Clear Disclosure and Barring Service check.(Changes to personal circumstances, ich mayaffect this, must be notified to your line Managerimmediately)
  • Professional Qualification in Social Work/NVQLevel 5/Diploma in Child Care or equivalent; orthe commitment and capacity to successfullycomplete a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership forHealth and Social Care and Children and youngPeople's Services or Residential Childcare
  • Trained in the Safer Recruitment of Staff

Future prospects

To be full qualified at a high standard and secure a full time perm position.

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