Apprentice Bricklayer

4.15 - 4.30 GBP Hourly
16 Jul 2021
13 Aug 2021
Start Date
Have you just recently left school or college and looking for an opportunity in construction? We have apprenticeship opportunities for young people in the Blackpool area to learn on the job as well as gaining new skills and qualficiations.

Duties will include:

Determine quality and quantities of building material including mix ratios of mortar and concrete. Areas and volumes of materials and resources

Adhere to relevant health and safety legislation, codes of practice and apply safe working practices, including when working at heights. Safe use of 'disc cutters' and power cutters.

Select appropriate tools, equipment, and materials (e.g., trowel, levels, brick ties, DPC, insulation, mixers, lintels etc) for use when setting out and erecting masonry walling . Maintain a clean working environment.

Interpret drawings and specifications. Measure the work area and set out level first courses of bricks to a plan, including bonds for openings and the damp course. Mix mortar by hand or with a mechanical mixer. Lay bricks to set dimensions and apply mortar with a trowel to completion. Shape and trim bricks/blocks using hammers, chisels, and power tools. Use of laser levels, spirit levels, optical levels, and string lines to check that courses are straight, horizontally, and vertically, and laid to a gauge. Ensure thermal qualities, airtightness and ventilation are maintained. Remove waste materials. Repair and renew masonry structures.

Set out and build brickwork, including simple arches and surrounding brickwork.

Set out and build brickwork, including common decorative features such as oversailing courses and simple corbels.

Block laying. Cavity walling to include openings, brick inspection chambers, joint finishes, set out a square, set out to a gauge rod and/or profiles.

Select materials and resources to be able to set out and lay concrete, drainage, and other substructure materials

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